Thursday, September 21, 2006

Grey's [Anatomy] Knitalong

There's a Thursday night knit along starting tonight and what a good idea! We're going to be knitting, and we're going to be watching Grey's Anatomy. Let's form a group and knit together! At this point, my group is virtual, but I'm looking for a local group.

What am I going to work on? I think I'll finish my Afghan vest ( so I can get it sent off along with the other GREAT stuff that the Knitwits Knitting Circle is doing. In addition, though, I'll be working on a special sweater (MS115 - Ribbed Placket Pullover and other designs at this location). (Even better - get the patterns and yarn from Philospher's Wool!)

This will keep me busy for awhile.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Knitted Dishcloth Pattern

The pattern that I've seen and used for nearly 30 years begins with casting on four stitches. This means that the corner is not perfectly square. So here's my variation.

CO 1.

Row 1: Knit into the front and back of the stitch. (2 stitches)

Row 2: Knit into the front and back of the first stitch. Yarn over (YO). Knit into the front and back of the second stitch. (5 stitches)

Increasing Row: Knit 2. YO. Knit to the end of the row.
Repeat this row until the desired width of the dishcloth is reached.

Next row, begin decreasing.
Decreasing Row: Knit 1. Knit 2 together (K2tog), YO, K2tog. Knit to end of row.
Repeat this row until 5 stitches remain.

K1, K2tog, Yo, K2tog. (4 stitches)
Bind off. This gives a fairly good square corner for the last corner.

I want to live back home in North Dakota. Or South Dakota, Minnesota, even Wisconsin or (northern) Illinois would be okay!

But since I can't - I'm going to build my home right here.

Construction begins.