Saturday, June 20, 2009

Minot Knitting!

Another great visit to the Bagel Shop and YarnStash. We spent time winding down sock yarn into little balls to share for the Sock Blanket.

Beautiful drive over here! Met a birder from St. Paul - he suggested that I actually STOP to look at the birds rather than drive past at 70mph...or at least slow down to 50! LOL

More later when I get home. Time to get the yarn swap moving!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Group picture. TdF 2009

Tour de Fleece 2009 is gearing up. The North Border Spinners is a group formed of spinners along the Canadian-US border.

My stash is about 20# (!) if I got the ounces/grams added correctly. Here's a list of what I have:

Yarn Stash/Minot, ND (YarnFloozie)
  • 8oz br BFL top Frabjous Fibers #10 Moulin Rouge
  • 8oz braid BFL top Frabjous Fibers Cottage Garden
  • 4 oz Merino silk 80/20 Lichen Louet
  • 1.5# Fine Brown Shetland Louet
  • .5# Fine White Shetland Louet
  • 1.5# Blue Face Leicester Louet (white)
  • 1# Wensleydale Top Louet (white)
  • .5# South African top Louet (white)
  • .5# light grey swalesdale Louet
  • .5# angora lambswool 50/50 Louet

From Hillcreek Fiber Studio/Columbia, MO (no rav)

  • 1 oz French angora (clipped) “Giant”
  • 8 oz Cotton Sliver “Coyote” New World Textiles
  • 4 oz Cotton “PaloVerde Green” NWT
  • 8oz Carolina Cottolin (70% cotton/30% flax) NWT
  • 2.5 lb NZ corriedale roving light grey
  • 2# 3oz NZ corriedale? carded sliver - natural white
  • 2# NZ corriedale roving natural med grey

from Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe/Columbia, MO IdleKnit

  • BIG BAG (?5#?) romney? corriedale? “Rambo” med grey.