Wednesday, March 23, 2011

8:00am March 23, 2011

8:00am March 23, 2011 by fiberbrarian
8:00am March 23, 2011 a photo by fiberbrarian on Flickr.


.5 inches of snow officially. Started out with a bit of sleet but temps were so warm that nothing stuck. We were at the very northern edge of the storm. Manville, just 15 miles north of us, got nothing. Mayville, a half hour south of Grand Forks got 19.5".

Kind of disappointed since I was all ready for a big (BIG) storm, but since that didn't happen, I hope this is the end of winter. Let's move on to the flooding season and then summer. I want some sun and heat!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Road Conditions - 10:30pm

Tonight's road conditions around the state. Not much going on around here. The storm has tried to get up here but hasn't really succeeded. We stayed warm enough to get more rain than snow, which means we'll have plenty of ice when the temps drop. Oh, well. Another weather story to add to our queue!

Calm before (another) storm...

8:00am March 22, 2011 by fiberbrarian
8:00am March 22, 2011 a photo by fiberbrarian on Flickr.

Last week was so nice. As you can see from this picture, much of the snow has melted. There are (hardy) plants coming up on the south side of buildings. So nice. And now there's another big storm to come. Still south of us (Hillsboro) at this time - but the western part of the state is getting hammered. Anyway. This is my benchmark photo. 8:00 am this morning at the front corner of the Soaring Eagle Garden. I'll take another photo tomorrow (if I can get in) or Thursday to show you if the storm materialized or not. Wait and see.

Friday, March 11, 2011


March 11 - around noon by fiberbrarian
March 11 - around noon a photo by fiberbrarian on Flickr.

Couldn't tell it by this picture taken around noon today. The morning dawned bright and sunny. A little overcast at noon. And tonight - at 8:30 - I decided I'd better take the garbage out while I could, and WHAM! The blizzard had started. (I heard it inside but thought it was the train going past. Should have figured out that the train eventually moves past.)

This further emphasizes to me that I'd never have made it as a pioneer. First - if I'd landed on the east coast, I would never have crossed the Appalachians. When I saw a soddy (house built of sod) at DeSmet, SD, and remembered the blizzard/winter scenes from Giants in the Earth, I knew I would've gone insane, too. And then today comes around. Beautiful sunny morning - great day to go out exploring. WHAP! Caught in a blizzard.

I'm so fortunate that strong people came before me.

However, the lights are flickering, so it's time to grab the blankets/sleeping bags and the wind-up flash light. Charge the cell phone. Get out the chocolate.

I'm a Pioneer in my own right.