Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas! (almost)

Wow. Straight No Chaser, University of Bloomington. This was playing on KFGO when I woke up this morning. wow oh wow oh wow!! What a great way to wake up.

My Christmas tree (with an unflattering flash)

Tree = perfect
Decorations = operator error

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


I luv North Dakota. Just want to make that clear at the outset. However, we just had a blizzard although it couldn't technically be called a blizzard but it was a blizzard. Snow. Wind. Cold. It was a blizzard. The University of North Dakota even delayed classes for two hours Tuesday, Nov. 30. But today? Gorgeous! Sunny. Crisp. Beautiful sparkly snow everywhere. North Dakota at its wintery finest.

So what comes across the weather page? Special Weather Statement


Stay tuned, Weather Bunnies. This could get interesting.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fall Festivities in North Dakota

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Here's a friendly greeting from Maddock, ND. This weekend is their Rural Renaissance. Nice people. Wonderful little town. (The smiley face pumpkin is painted on the end of a giant round bale.) I drove through town, enjoying the decorated yards and street corners. And spent the majority of my time (and money) at the House of Fun. (!) Full of quilts and crafts.

The weatherman reminded us on tonight's weather that it snowed on this date last year. Today it was in the high 70s/80s. I am convinced we'll pay for this later this winter, so I am enjoying it!

The only downside? Someone took my pumpkins. I went out to harvest them last night and all 18 were gone. I got a picture a few weeks ago. oh, well. At least there are still vendors selling pie pumpkins at Town & Country, through tomorrow, I think. Also the apple guys (from Washington state) are here for the next few days. Fresh pumpkin. And great apple pies and sauce. Busy week.

oh. and dissertation and work, too. Very busy week.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

North Country Fiber Fair - 2010 purchases

hmmm. not sure where the photo went. Here's another one!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

North Country Fiber Fair 2010

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My first time attending NCFF in Watertown, SD. web site here.

Wonderful group of people - follow the picture to see more pictures of the event, but mostly my purchases! (Also on Ravelry = NCFF)

Here's my most interesting purchase - felt bases for Christmas stockings! How fun! I got two, thinking they'd be the front and back of a single stocking, but driving home last night, I decided to make two. (They'll just point different directions...perfect for a mantel.) But what to do? Needlefelt? Embroidery? Beads and sequins? I think ... yes!

NCFF runs three days. I went one day and was exhausted by all the energy and great people and food. There are going to be some very happy, satisfied, and tired puppies driving home today. Safe travels to all.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Early morning spinning

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Does it get better than this? Sun rising. Spinning gorgeous Frabjous Fibers BFL in luscious rainbow colors. Into fat singles. Just let go and let the yarn make itself. mmmm mmmm good.

And the day begins.

Monday, July 12, 2010


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Today was harvest day at Plot #53. The sunflowers are forming flowers. The pumpkins are definitely creating little pumpkins. The beans have small pods. The corn is tasseling. The tomatoes are ... tomato-ing. The flowers are blooming.

They don't need me except to swat the occasional weed and water as needed.

What a great day!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tour de France Preview tonight!

The Tour de France will start next Saturday and Versus (the TV channel) is having a preview tonight at 6pm. Just viewing their web site brings the wonderful voice of Bob Roll. Can't wait to hear Phil Liggett (sp), too! They seem un-fluffable, so when they get excited on air - you know it's important!

With the Tour de France comes the Tour de Fleece. And we've got another great group of North Border Spinners on the Ravelry TdF. We're missing a few states and provinces but we've got an even bigger crew than last year. The North Border team was formed last year of the states and provinces along the Canada-U.S. border. It should also be the South Border Team, so maybe next year we should rename ourselves the NorthSouth Border Team. Or not.

I was so excited about the four minute day in February; we've had our first 'minus one minute day' this season. Happened a few days ago. The sun went from rising at 5:29am to 5:30am. Not a huge change but it was momentous. We're now hanging around that time with no changes but the slide has started. No earthly way around it. The days will begin their shortening routine.

My foray into raw fleece continues. I got 1# of Polwarth a month ago, washed it. Combed a bit, spun it, and found lots of bumps. A fellow guild member checked it - second cuts. Plus gave me some hints on combing. (Use the dog combs to flick out stuff rather than the handcombs.) I've continued the odyssey - expanding it a bit - and now have 3# of Cormo raw fleece. Sitting here next to me, smelling of eau d'sheep and begging to be washed. First things first, which means the diss. Maybe tonight during the TdF preview show. That'd be a good time, I think.

Off to the diss. TdF tonight. And more rain on the horizon. Good - cuz you can't have too much rain! (NOT!) But - it'll make weeding so much easier. (That's as good as I can get for the glad game today since the humid air is gushing through the open windows. But - the windows are open! I remember all those winter days when I wished for open windows and fresh air. Good grief. Even more Pollyanna!)

ps - I'm not really liking this new Blogspot template. Need to rethink it. AFTER THE DISS.

Friday, February 12, 2010

4-minute day!

I never really thought about the fact that we gain/lose time each day as we go through the celestial cycle. And up North - we can gain or lose FOUR MINUTES per day! Pretty astounding. So today is the first four minute day that I've noticed so far this season - that's four extra minutes of daylight.

And today was one of those stunningly beautiful winter days that are picture postcards, ending with huge floofy snow flakes. Just gorgeous.

Plus - it's the beginning of the Olympics! The torch lighting is tonight - and from my out-of-country vantage, the buzz in Canada seems to be "Who will light the torch?" Whoever it will be - what an honor!

And if it's the beginning of the Olympics - it's also the beginning of the Knitting Olympics. I will knit a pair of Oh Canada mittens - and finish the data collection and entering for my dissertation. Plenty to do in the next few weeks.

Citius Altius Fortius !

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Winter morning

Winter morning
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Beautiful beautiful morning. Cold (-9F), but it's February. Unofficially the last month of winter. Unofficially because it's my definition of winter, but here's the logic: March can be all over the board. March could bring blizzards or unseasonably warm temperatures. February? It's going to be cold. Very very sunny but cold and wintery.

The Olympics start this week - and life will be perfect for a few weeks! One of the many nice things about living up North is being able to get both US and Canada's TV stations. So I'll be watching the big ceremonies on NBC (US) and the actual events on CBC (Canada). Curling! Skeleton! Luge! Speed skating! Snowboarding! Downhill - moguls - and what's that one where you ski forever then shoot at targets then ski some more?! What a sport!

And the Winter Olympics means The Knitting Olympics. I cannot believe it was only four years ago that I first heard of The Yarn Harlot. Her crazy idea of getting knitters around the world to knit together during the Olympic games - it'll never catch on! HA! Life has changed wildly since then so it's a nice moment to slow down and reflect on the great power of working together, of having a common purpose and common activity.

It's winter - the sun is blindingly beautiful and brilliant. What a day.

Friday, January 29, 2010

An Experiment

Single and Plied
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I have spun, plied, and knit with Frabjous Fibers before. This time I decided to try to keep the colorway intact as I plied...and I also wanted to see what the natural order of the fiber's colors would do. So I created this little experiment/ensemble: mitts/hat in plied yarn, scarf in singles (garter stitch).

I think the experiment is a success. The singles indicate what the colors look like straight from the BFL fiber braid; the plied indicates what the plied/mixed version looks like. I just plied the singles together - I did no special plying (i.e. navajo) to try to keep the colors more tightly within the colorway.


Monday, January 25, 2010

My favorite tree survived!

A blizzard this time. We had two days of 34 degree weather with rain, sleet, and freezing rain. Snow and high winds were forecast for last night and I didn't know if 'my' tree would survive. There it was when I looked out today!

I tried to catch the blowing snow with the camera but that didn't work. The temp is low; the wind is high. I-29 is closed up and down the state. Not pretty out. Well, it is pretty as long as you're inside and don't think ahead to the shoveling that'll be required soon.

January is almost over. Much as I love winter - this one has already been too long!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

It is a stunningly beautiful (and cold) day in North Dakota. Temps will remain below zero all day and drop dramatically tonight. But we're safe and warm and inside, napping like cats in the sun.

Black eyed peas are about to boil. New Year's dinner will soon be prepared. LSU is ahead of Penn State but only by one point. The outside hockey game in Boston was great. Only would've been better if it had snowed.

A great day for the beginning of a great year.

Happy New Year! Happy 2010, World!