Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tour de France Preview tonight!

The Tour de France will start next Saturday and Versus (the TV channel) is having a preview tonight at 6pm. Just viewing their web site brings the wonderful voice of Bob Roll. Can't wait to hear Phil Liggett (sp), too! They seem un-fluffable, so when they get excited on air - you know it's important!

With the Tour de France comes the Tour de Fleece. And we've got another great group of North Border Spinners on the Ravelry TdF. We're missing a few states and provinces but we've got an even bigger crew than last year. The North Border team was formed last year of the states and provinces along the Canada-U.S. border. It should also be the South Border Team, so maybe next year we should rename ourselves the NorthSouth Border Team. Or not.

I was so excited about the four minute day in February; we've had our first 'minus one minute day' this season. Happened a few days ago. The sun went from rising at 5:29am to 5:30am. Not a huge change but it was momentous. We're now hanging around that time with no changes but the slide has started. No earthly way around it. The days will begin their shortening routine.

My foray into raw fleece continues. I got 1# of Polwarth a month ago, washed it. Combed a bit, spun it, and found lots of bumps. A fellow guild member checked it - second cuts. Plus gave me some hints on combing. (Use the dog combs to flick out stuff rather than the handcombs.) I've continued the odyssey - expanding it a bit - and now have 3# of Cormo raw fleece. Sitting here next to me, smelling of eau d'sheep and begging to be washed. First things first, which means the diss. Maybe tonight during the TdF preview show. That'd be a good time, I think.

Off to the diss. TdF tonight. And more rain on the horizon. Good - cuz you can't have too much rain! (NOT!) But - it'll make weeding so much easier. (That's as good as I can get for the glad game today since the humid air is gushing through the open windows. But - the windows are open! I remember all those winter days when I wished for open windows and fresh air. Good grief. Even more Pollyanna!)

ps - I'm not really liking this new Blogspot template. Need to rethink it. AFTER THE DISS.

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