Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh, Dudley! Look here!

Oh, Dudley! Look here!
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I don't have my own dog, so I covet everyone else's. This is Dudley, a GIRL dog with a boy's name. The kids named her. When I found out that they'd named their orange cat "Purple", I stopped arguing with them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gazania magic

may12_13_2007 003
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I took lots of flower photos this weekend. Here is a gazania that I especially like - the colors were different from the gold/orange/bronze of the others at the store.

The whole place is green! We've had so much rain that everything is growing wild.

I admit that I spend much of my freetime sitting on the porch and watching life as it passes by. Looks like I'm not the only one watching. This squirrel sat (draped?) in this tree for 1/2 an hour, watching me knit and watch him. It's a good life for us both.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Latest hat

iceland_hat 004
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Here is my latest 2-headed hat (the reversible/lined stocking cap). Both 'heads' are the same color - Crystal Palace "Iceland" (Rose Petal #9576). Wonderful yarn to work with. A very lightly twisted singles that is almost like knitting with roving. Be careful of splitting the stitches unless you want to - I think purposely splitting stitches would be an interesting experiment - like the needlepoint canvases that have a basic stitch size (e.g., 10/in) then switch to petit point for details (e.g. 14-16-18/in?).

This hat joins the many others items (hats, cardigan sweaters, pullover sweaters, socks, mittens) going out today to the Afghans for Afghans Mother's Day campaign. Thank you to Phyllis McQ and Linda L!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day!

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Here are some Lilies of the Valley - can you smell them?

Like so many of you in the U.S., we had two springs. The first one came way too early, got the animals and plants crazy, then came a series of hard freezes that killed the flowers, some of the plants, and really beat up the animals (human spirits, too). This spring is a little more sedate. I had a hard time finding flowers to show for this posting, and I went to Shelter Gardens here in Columbia. Shelter has beautiful plantings and wonderful water gardens.

Follow the lily picture back to flickr to see the other photos. The fish are not in the ponds yet, but the frogs are back and singing like crazy! What a wonderful evening. The only bugs I saw were the bees and water bugs, skimming along the surface. A wonderful night for knitting by the waterfall!

Happy May Day!