Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day!

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Here are some Lilies of the Valley - can you smell them?

Like so many of you in the U.S., we had two springs. The first one came way too early, got the animals and plants crazy, then came a series of hard freezes that killed the flowers, some of the plants, and really beat up the animals (human spirits, too). This spring is a little more sedate. I had a hard time finding flowers to show for this posting, and I went to Shelter Gardens here in Columbia. Shelter has beautiful plantings and wonderful water gardens.

Follow the lily picture back to flickr to see the other photos. The fish are not in the ponds yet, but the frogs are back and singing like crazy! What a wonderful evening. The only bugs I saw were the bees and water bugs, skimming along the surface. A wonderful night for knitting by the waterfall!

Happy May Day!

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