Friday, January 29, 2010

An Experiment

Single and Plied
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I have spun, plied, and knit with Frabjous Fibers before. This time I decided to try to keep the colorway intact as I plied...and I also wanted to see what the natural order of the fiber's colors would do. So I created this little experiment/ensemble: mitts/hat in plied yarn, scarf in singles (garter stitch).

I think the experiment is a success. The singles indicate what the colors look like straight from the BFL fiber braid; the plied indicates what the plied/mixed version looks like. I just plied the singles together - I did no special plying (i.e. navajo) to try to keep the colors more tightly within the colorway.


Monday, January 25, 2010

My favorite tree survived!

A blizzard this time. We had two days of 34 degree weather with rain, sleet, and freezing rain. Snow and high winds were forecast for last night and I didn't know if 'my' tree would survive. There it was when I looked out today!

I tried to catch the blowing snow with the camera but that didn't work. The temp is low; the wind is high. I-29 is closed up and down the state. Not pretty out. Well, it is pretty as long as you're inside and don't think ahead to the shoveling that'll be required soon.

January is almost over. Much as I love winter - this one has already been too long!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

It is a stunningly beautiful (and cold) day in North Dakota. Temps will remain below zero all day and drop dramatically tonight. But we're safe and warm and inside, napping like cats in the sun.

Black eyed peas are about to boil. New Year's dinner will soon be prepared. LSU is ahead of Penn State but only by one point. The outside hockey game in Boston was great. Only would've been better if it had snowed.

A great day for the beginning of a great year.

Happy New Year! Happy 2010, World!