Friday, December 14, 2007

There *IS* a Holly Hobbie!

Good posts I've run into in the last couple of days:

Kristin Nicholas is a writer and fiber designer. Her blog always carries news of her travels, farm and work. Here's a recent post about meeting the artist/author Holly Hobbie, who has continued on beyond those wide-eyed children of 30+ years ago.

And, I hope you read the Yarn Harlot's ode to holiday concerts and how they proceed through time. She looks back as a mother of three and an audience member. I think back as a participant. Her post:

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Square hat or Flat hat?

Originally uploaded by fiberbrarian
I'm continuing to knit some. I've recently been playing with a pared down embarrassingly simplified version of the 2-headed hat, which was simple in the first place.

The flat hat (square hat?) removed the shaping at the top of the head, which was the only actual work required for this hat. (I topped doing the provisional cast on about midway in the development of the 2-headed hat. I'd rather start knitting and then have to pick up stitches later than to have to delay my knitting by a minute to do the provisional cast on.)

Follow the link to more photos of square hats (flat hats?).

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

North Dakota!

I'm back! A little more than six weeks now. I remembered August as being a livable month here, and it is. Our temps this week will be a tad warmer than normal: mid-80's for the days, mid-60's for the nights.

My knitting has been greatly curtailed because of too much to do in my academic/professional life. I think I'm going to put my handwork on hiatus. Yarn, fiber, knitting needles, patterns are all going into the closets until I get some work finished. The spinning wheel and loom will be decorative furnishings since they're too big for any closet. I'll try to finish machine sewing a couple of quilts that are almost done, but that's it.

However! Here are some things that I managed to get done in the last few months. Most of them were done back in June, but the KoolAid dyeing was last weekend. What fun!

KoolAid dyeing:
(top left) Grape, Tropical Punch, Pink Lemonade, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade
(middle left) Lemon Lime, Watermelon Cherry, Orange, Blastin' Berry Cherry
(bottom) Mix of Lemonade (4 pkg) and Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade (1 pkg)
[2 minutes in microwave on high, rest, ~1.5 to 2 minutes microwave on high]

2-headed hats (lined stocking caps) and a muffler in various yarns (Iceland, Loft, Lion brand wool, Bonkers)

Irish Hiking Scarf in Loft.

While I was photographing, I noticed the stone work. How beautiful! Above is the stonework (south) entrance to Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota.

The north entrance to Chester Fritz Library.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

7 things -

I've been tagged by Jen over at

From her blog:
Here are the rules, as if you haven't already seen these a jillion times: Tell seven things about yourself on your blog, then tag seven other people to do the same. List who you are tagging on your blog, and leave a comment on their blogs to let them know they've been tagged.

I can do the seven things - tagging seven other innocent people may be the tricky thing!

  1. I like winter. Not crazy about ice on sidewalks or roads, but luv it on lakes and rinks.
  2. I am moving from Missouri to North Dakota. This is my 2nd move in less than four months, and no, the second move is not easier because I know what I'm doing! :-)
  3. I really like birds. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed watching them until I started routinely filling up the birdbath that came with the Missouri house - and the birds showed up - and I moved a chair to the front porch and started watching them. Yesterday I saw four birds splashing about together at the same time. Once I saw a 'new' robin, stare at a starling splashing and bathing, obviously never having seen anything like this before. The baby robin kept dodging the splashes as it held on to the rim of the bird bath. I have had so much fun with these little guys. Yesterday, a male and female cardinal flew to the fence just in front of my chair (less than 2 yards away) and sat there and watched me for several seconds. They looked right at me but didn't fly away. Like they knew I was moving to North Dakota and wouldn't be seeing cardinals for a loooooooong time. (Cardinals are listed as 'rare' birds on the ND bird watcher list.)
  4. I believe in libraries. They are the gift that keeps on giving. From one generation to the next and to the next.
  5. I like rain - the sound and smell.
  6. I like wind. I look forward to spring when the wind has leaves to blow through - totally different sound.
  7. I like music. I especially like when people make their own music rather than relying on commercial performers.
See? The easy part is done. Now finding seven people .......
  1. Alaska Stick Girl - has she got pictures! She's just moved to a new blog page, but I hope she's still got the 'moose in her yard' pictures!
  2. A Dachshund's Life in Los Angeles - Wally is a long-haired dachshund. He had his own blog but found life too busy, so now he lets his Mom do the blog. Great pictures of Wally and his friends/family.
  3. Lorri's Knitting Link - Lorri is a friend of Maggi's. While visiting Chez Maggi, she commented on the cat bed I'd knit/felted for Ayla. Well - she made the mistake of introducing herself and commenting on a post here at the Warming House. Tag! Check out her knitting - I could not believe how beautiful her work is and that she could still appreciate a klugey felted cat bed. When she is doing stunning colorwork sweaters! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My farewell tour!

knitwits_farewell 016
Originally uploaded by fiberbrarian
Knitwits had a great party for me at last night's meeting. Here I am with my loot - the prayer shawl (knit by Nancy, blessed by all), the knitting monster (the one in orange, knit by Alice, pattern found by Joy), beautiful gift bags that will become knitting project bags, a card made by Nancy (including a group photo of our red scarf project group, enough money to get me to Vermillion, which is my first night on the road, and a SOCK icon) and the glowing white thing at the bottom left? The one thing I asked for - a signed styrofoam cooler to ride 'shotgun' with me as I travel.

I remember the night I joined Knitwits. I'd wanted to get involved, and I saw this notice for people to get together on Tuesday nights and knit baby hats. That sounded like something I could do! So I headed down to Cherry St. Artisan - and found a group of women at the reserved community table knitting, talking, slurping, and having a great time. Nancy pulled up a chair for me to join the group - and a wonderful friendship was begun. (You're making me cry again, Nancy!) The one cardinal rule of the group? NO RULES! That was at least three years ago.

We didn't just help babies, we helped each other, and made the world a better place. They'll continue on. Tuesday nights, I'll know where to find them. And now I need to find another band of trusty knitters.

Thank you, Knitwits!

Monday, June 04, 2007

footprints leading away from the scene...

(This post is for Wally, who has a new blog. His old, baby blog.)

There's a whole world that swirls around me while I sleep. I left yesterday's chicken carcass in the garbage sack on the front porch, and this is what I found this morning when I opened the front door.

Well, not exactly. I found a very neatly opened garbage bag, with the chicken removed and obviously gnawed on, a few broken bones, and chicken shreds. And lots of ants. (There's a huge colony under the front porch.) I swept the debris away and noticed the tell-tale evidence shown in this picture. I guess I don't just have a groundhog in the neighborhood. Looks like I have a raccoon, too.

Friday, June 01, 2007

First day lily of the season

Day lily
Originally uploaded by fiberbrarian
Summer has truly started. Lightening bugs the other night. And today, June 1, the first day lily bloomed at the Warming House. It must be summer.

Keeping a journal, writing a blog, both ways of marking moments and wondering what will happen in the future. This blog was started because I wanted to move north and my efforts were continually thwarted, so I decided to create "north" around me.

A year later, missing only a hockey stick to make my home a northern cabin, I'm really moving north. I've signed the contract. I will soon be in North Dakota, the land of Many Warming Houses. Hockey. Curling. Friday night drag races.

A memorable start to the summer.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh, Dudley! Look here!

Oh, Dudley! Look here!
Originally uploaded by fiberbrarian
I don't have my own dog, so I covet everyone else's. This is Dudley, a GIRL dog with a boy's name. The kids named her. When I found out that they'd named their orange cat "Purple", I stopped arguing with them.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gazania magic

may12_13_2007 003
Originally uploaded by fiberbrarian.

I took lots of flower photos this weekend. Here is a gazania that I especially like - the colors were different from the gold/orange/bronze of the others at the store.

The whole place is green! We've had so much rain that everything is growing wild.

I admit that I spend much of my freetime sitting on the porch and watching life as it passes by. Looks like I'm not the only one watching. This squirrel sat (draped?) in this tree for 1/2 an hour, watching me knit and watch him. It's a good life for us both.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Latest hat

iceland_hat 004
Originally uploaded by fiberbrarian.
Here is my latest 2-headed hat (the reversible/lined stocking cap). Both 'heads' are the same color - Crystal Palace "Iceland" (Rose Petal #9576). Wonderful yarn to work with. A very lightly twisted singles that is almost like knitting with roving. Be careful of splitting the stitches unless you want to - I think purposely splitting stitches would be an interesting experiment - like the needlepoint canvases that have a basic stitch size (e.g., 10/in) then switch to petit point for details (e.g. 14-16-18/in?).

This hat joins the many others items (hats, cardigan sweaters, pullover sweaters, socks, mittens) going out today to the Afghans for Afghans Mother's Day campaign. Thank you to Phyllis McQ and Linda L!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day!

Originally uploaded by fiberbrarian.
Here are some Lilies of the Valley - can you smell them?

Like so many of you in the U.S., we had two springs. The first one came way too early, got the animals and plants crazy, then came a series of hard freezes that killed the flowers, some of the plants, and really beat up the animals (human spirits, too). This spring is a little more sedate. I had a hard time finding flowers to show for this posting, and I went to Shelter Gardens here in Columbia. Shelter has beautiful plantings and wonderful water gardens.

Follow the lily picture back to flickr to see the other photos. The fish are not in the ponds yet, but the frogs are back and singing like crazy! What a wonderful evening. The only bugs I saw were the bees and water bugs, skimming along the surface. A wonderful night for knitting by the waterfall!

Happy May Day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

WWKIPD - June 9, 2007

World Wide Knit In Public Day (WWKIPD) is June 9, 2007! Make plans, Knitting Buddies!

Danielle writes:
Political? Nah, but if everyone in the world were a knitter do you think there’d be as many wars? I don’t think so. Seriously, we’d all be too busy swatching for gauge.
Good point!

Thanks to Mary Lynne, posting on Grey's Anatomy KAL and Whoduknit (good one).

Monday, April 16, 2007

Dulaan Five - Done!

Wah-HOOO! I sent my box off to Dulaan today! And then sent an e-mail to Ryan over at MossyCottage Knits to let her know that I'd met my commitment: Five for Dulaan! Actually, I did 28 for Dulaan! 7 hats, 4 pairs of mittens, and 17 scarves.

I think that will be my only news today. Except that I made brownies to bring to work today and celebrate. And the day is truly gorgeous - a little maple by the campus bookstore is putting out new leaves right next to the ones killed by the several days of freezing temperatures. There's probably a lesson in there, but today I'm concentrating on Dulaan and those good people doing the work of sorting and shipping. Bless them.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Beautiful snowflake hat

I found a beautiful snowflake hat over at Knitting with Grey's . The pattern is author created and she links to her sources - the snowflake is from Berroco and the thermal stitch that forms the side of the hat is from Knitty. The author and knitter is Knotingale.

With this odd spring that the midwest and much of the U.S. is having - a winter hat with snowflakes still seems appropriate!

I got my spinning wheel fixed last weekend! Actually, Dennis Kaiser of Hillcreek Fiber Studio fixed the wheel A YEAR AGO. (Through my bad treatment, my Ashford Traditional's wheel and spokes had separated. Dennis put it back together for me and glued it tight. Thanks, Dennis!) He asked me if I had the bolts to get the wheel reassembled. "Oh, absolutely! I put them in a safe place!"

We know how this ends, right? Last Saturday, a year later, I called and admitted that I could not find the bolts. I went out to the studio, got a sample of what I needed and headed in to Westlake's, where a nice young man pointed me to what I needed. One tiny glitch - the parts were a micronanotiny bit off, which I attributed to the different measurements of New Zealand and the U.S. I bought them anyway and they fit.

So - I got to spin for the first time in a year! I chose New Zealand Romney (an accidental tribute to my Ashford). A couple of skeins in a natural light grey, and a skein in a dark grey. The dark grey was especially overspun; the light grey was not all that balanced, either. I was too happy to be spinning to actually pay too much attention to 'the product.'

I tried to knit a fast warm scarf with two strands of the light grey held together and had to laugh - the stockinette stitches literally appeared diagonal on the scarf. So, I frogged it and plied the singles. MUCH NICER! I actually got one skein knit last night and then added in the plied dark grey to make a stripe. I couldn't put it down! (Along with the fact that I was listening to the Vancouver/Dallas hockey game that ran into FOUR OVERTIMES and ended at 2:30 central time. I didn't listen to the end - caught the results this morning. Vancouver. By 1 I think.)

Anyway - the spinning, the wool, the hats, the scarves - all appropriate as at least one forecaster is predicting snow for tomorrow/this weekend. sigh. But it's snowing up north, too, so we're in good company here at The Warming House!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Site cleaning

I'm cleaning off the fiberbrarian blog, making it all library all the time. So - I need to take off the 2006 Socks link, and I can't figure out how to add it to the sidebar in the newer Blogger format.

  • Socks in 2006 Counter

    1/2 pair / 8 pair (July 2006)

I got 'socked out' and I don't think I did any more than that. I got one sock done for the Afghans4afghans March collection and switched to hats. Anyway. Socks 2006 is now over for me!

Friday, March 30, 2007

2007 Christmas stamps - KNIT!

The 2007 Christmas stamps are KNIT pictures! I can hear the flurry of graph paper being pulled from notebooks - chart these babies!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I can't believe it but I'm finally down to one address! One address with stuff that has spilled out onto the porch. But I'm working on it! Now that I'm done cleaning the old place, I can get working and really get the new place up to speed. For instance - actually sewing the curtains and hems rather than just pinning them. How nice would it be not to get snagged with straight pins every time I try to open the curtains!

And I've gotten some knitting done, too. Checkout my entry on Nascar Knitting - two reversible stocking hats. I've also finished the Irish Hiking Scarf and a baby blanket. No pictures of those two yet.

Did you get Meg Swansen's e-mail newsletter? Check out for details. They've now got a video of EZ's Surprise Baby Jacket! Even though I've made one SBJ, I'd like to get the video (DVD?) - Meg explains color stripes. That's worth the price of admission right there!

And, of course, where's Stephanie? She must be exhausted already - and the tour has just started! Be kind to her, Knitting Pilgrims!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Haven't posted because ...

Okay. I haven't posted because:
  1. I spend all my time reading and waiting for The Yarn Harlot to update us on her renovation progress; or
  2. I am still moving. Isn't there some statute of limitations or something? Can't we all just give up and say ENOUGH? Well, I tried and got called back in to do some more.
But here is The Warming House:

I said


Sorry. Can't get blogger to upload the picture. It was an old picture anyway. Little house, set way back from the road. Giant tufts of pampas grass dot the front yard. Big porch. Old red barn wood. Rain barrels at the corners. Steeped roof that leads to an A-frame loft. Old growth trees surround the perimeter of the yard. The grass is getting greener each day. The trees are lumpy with buds and flowers. And the birds are REALLY getting noisy!

It's a good life.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Nascar Knitting - update!

Pretty pathetic. I think my goal to get full points for last week's Nascar Knitting was to knit, give away, or somehow consume/use up 500 grams of yarn since the race was 500 miles.

I did 56.7 grams (2 ounces). Thank goodness I used Bartlett's yarn in two colors because it's good heavy yarn and with two colors, there's some overlap! Here's one sock for the Afghans for Afghans special sock collection.
I did do some other knitting, but nothing that I could measure. Rats. I need to focus!

At least I did better than my guy, Kenny Schrader. That doesn't make me feel better!

Happily, this upcoming week is a 'bye' week (see schedule). My plan is to finish moving into the new place, start knitting like crazy and give yarn away like a mad woman! (The next race is 400 miles at Las Vegas.)

ps - AAAACCCCKKKKK! I just noticed that I lost my UFO list when I switched to the new blogger! Double rats! I saved the original text file somewhere. Add it to the list of things I need to do/upload.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Whew! Be careful!

This morning I ran across a really cute widget: an analog clock that showed the specific time of a place. Sounds lame now, but it really looked cute this morning. I clicked the link, updated the info for my blog, and tried to install it. Nope. Had to change my blog to the new 'layout' rather than 'template' form, and the page warned that information would be lost. But NOT TO WORRY! a copy of the old template would be saved indefinitely so the information wouldn't really be lost.

Well, after many tries and multiple 'help' lists later, I never did find the copy of my old template, and the only thing that I know I lost in transition was the UFO Challenge ring stuff. Thank goodness for paper! I had a print copy of my UFO Challenge Ring connection info sitting here on my desk. With that I was able to connect to the ring, get the html code and reinstall it on my new layout.

All this angst, and where is the cute widget???? Back in the etherdust somewhere. I need to take a deep breath before I make any more changes!

I do admit, though, that moving stuff around is much easier in the new drag/drop layout. But now I need to get away from the blog for awhile and do some deep breathing. I am enough of an old-schooler that I want to be in control of the html when things go awry. Then - menus be damned!

Moral of the story? Print is forever (as long as you remember where you put it).
PS - Found another great challenge: Nascar Knitting! Icon:

Monday, February 19, 2007

Drip. Drip. Drip.

If only I could post an audio clip of the most wonderful sound on earth: drip. drip. drip.

We're melting. (In the good way not the Wizard of Oz way.) I understand that this means patches of ice will be even slipperier and mounds of mud will emerge. Not a problem. I am okay with all of this. Tougher to take will be the next ice/snow storm that occurs. It will happen. I will play Pollyanna's Glad Game and survive.

This was a busy and somewhat traumatic weekend. After work on Friday, I had to take time to knit at the yarn shoppe. Just. Had. To. Bex was there and Chrisma. They worked. I knit. And bought a little bit of yarn. Most of it was ON SALE so it doesn't count. (Sorry. Details later.)

A smattering of snow (nothing substantial) was forecast for Friday night and Saturday morning. Didn't really think too much about it until I walked out of the store at 6pm - BLIZZARD! Okay, not officially a blizzard, but it was dark and there was a lot of blowing snow, severely dropping visibility. The Mustang made it home with no surprising incidents, but I was snowbound until Saturday afternoon when it cleared and started melting because of the sun not tempterature. I managed to get some clothes moved over to The Warming House but not much. Sunday afternoon and evening I managed to get the futon frame and mattress moved while trying to watch the Daytona 500. (Could not believe that Mark Martin lost in the last couple of seconds. I don't remember hearing much about Harvik the entire race -- until the last couple of seconds! What an ending! My guy, though, is Kenny Schrader. I've been watching him and the M&M's car since I started watching NASCAR ~10 years ago. I know - Kenny isn't in the M's car anymore, but I choose my cars by their sponsors. Tide. M&M's.)

In the meantime, I did get some knitting done. I started and finished a dish rag during yesterday's monthly quilt group at Miss Millie's. And by Friday, my red IHS was more than half done. (I know this because I have two skeins of Mt. Color's yarn, and I finished the first skein last week. About 37" long. Ergo, I am half done.)

I was just looking at Beth's beautiful spinning - I always get so tickled by how closely the dog art in the top left column resembles her dogs. What soulful expressions! What cuties! I can't wait until I can have a dog, too. Until then, I'll live vicariously. Thanks, Beth!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

I have sent out some virtual Valentines. Not the same as the paper ones. While moving around boxes in the back room, I found a bag full of paper cards that never got sent: Christmas, Valentine's, Halloween, Thanksgiving. My friends know that I send Christmas cards all year 'round. Maybe I need to extend that blanket arrangement to all holiday cards.

The Yarn Harlot has an interesting approach to Valentine's Day. She suggests that the day is better spent not focusing on romantic can't-live-without-you love but on the rock solid love that is built on trust and friendship and sharing daily unromantic tasks.

And there's Franklin's list of alternative ways to say "I love you" to a knitter.

I remember deciding a few years ago that on this day - especially on this day - everyone deserves to be loved. And this is the day you recognize the good acts and kindnesses that are given everyday without any thought of reward. Kind of a Thanksgiving Day in February, except the holiday icon is a heart (not a turkey or fall foliage) and the color is red (not green or orange or brown).

So - here is a little Valentine for you. My Irish Hiking Scarf (UFO #3) in Mt. Color "Ruby Red":

The actual color is closer to the close-up photo on the left. The scarf on the right shows the unexpected but appreciated darker red zigzag beginning to appear in the colorway.

Thank you to Mountain Colors for their wonderful yarn and gorgeous colors, and to Fuzzy Mabel yarn shop for helping me find this beautiful yarn!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I realize this blog is called "The Warming House" and that title implies the love of winter. I do love winter, but not down here in Missouri! This is what greeted me as I walked out the door this morning.

Word is that it will get worse by this afternoon. sigh. Thank goodness for all the snow plowers and salters and good people who try to make walking/driving as safe as possible. And a special shout out to my coffee lady in Memorial Union. Bless them all.

In the meantime, I sent off my last scarf Friday to the mandala project. A tweedy mix of colors from Jo Sharp. mmmmmmmmm. Love that tweed. These colors/yarns are leftover from the scarf I have yet to finish from the Scarf Style book. (UFO # 13)

Rather than finish that, I am working on the Irish Hiking Scarf (UFO #3). It's portable, which seems to be important right now. It is not mindless knitting, however, so we'll see how it works out. The yarn (Mt. Colors - Mountain Goat - Ruby River) is spectacular. But I expect that of Mt. Colors now. What stunning yarn and color.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

FOs and Barlett Yarn!

I've actually finished some things! Numbers six and seven from the UFO list (on the right panel of this blog) are completed!

The mandala scarf (knit from Araucania's Nature Wool), 8" wide by 7' long:

There's a slight variegation in the yarn. I got a note from the ND Art Museum that they've received the scarf - and really like the color!

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Surprise Baby Jacket (knit from Louet Gems - washable wool, 4-ply of grays, black and yellow/gold):

In the meantime, I've gotten the Bartlett Wool yarn, straight from the Mill, to knit some socks for AfghansforAfghans. There's a special push to get 250 pairs of socks to school kids by March 7. Bartlett's gave VERY fast service - I just ordered it the end of last week and it came UPS ground yesterday. I chipped ice for awhile then went in and opened my package. What a nice reward! (When you visit their Web site, be sure to learn about their mill!)

I decided that buying yarn for a special project did not break my pledge to reduce my yarn stash. Especially since the yarn is from a U.S. mill! BTW: I first used Bartlett wool when it was included in a Christmas stocking kit from Annie's Woolens in Wisconsin. I was wonderfully pleased with BOTH Annie's and Bartlett's!

Knit on!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Day in America

I'm doing it. I'm making a commitment to John Edwards, to populists, to Molly Ivins, and every other bleeding heart do-gooder around. It's time to get involved.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

There's Good News and then there's More Good News!

I have delayed going to the tire shop because I feared what I would hear - "OMG LADY! Your car is death on wheels! You must buy these four very expensive tires!"

Didn't happen. My tires are fine except that they are very underinflated. As for having no traction on ice and snow? It's a MUSTANG. A SPORTS CAR. Not an SUV. If we get another ice storm, he suggested that I get a ride with a friend. (I think I'll just stay home.)

But it will have to continue serving as a pick up until I get this move over. In a few weeks it can be a sports car again. And I will wash it and clean its upholstery and get it two new sporty tires. And by then we should have spring, so ice and snow will be a memory. That's the plan.

As for knitting, I'm still working on the (endless) mandala scarf. It is so blue. Paul Newman and Robert Redford's eyes blue, deep sea blue. Stunning. But it is seven feet of garter stitch. I'm trying to keep the meditation going, but since this is the third scarf, there's more boredom than meditation I fear. It is UFO #7 on the list, though, so it will get finished!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

UFO list added

I made a list of the UFOs I want to complete in the next 12 months. YIKES! Who knew?

To be honest, I had a hunch things were stacking up. In my defense, however, this list is NOT my FO (finished objects) list, a list that I have yet to start.

The most important and timely UFO on the list is the dissertation. Must. get.that.finished.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The UFO Challenge!

I've enrolled this blog and its many unfinished projects in the UFO ring. As I've been packing, I've been digging in boxes and bags and piles. The number of UFOs that I've found is bordering on astronomical. Time to get these puppies finished. Thanks, UFO ring members, for keeping me on target! (See the UFO ring listed on the right side bar.)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Five for Dulaan!

I've made my five (and more) for Dulaan, so I've met the pledge! I spent yesterday (a snow day) going through and sorting finished projects. Mittens, scarves, hats. Today's on campus project is to print the packing list for the box (check). Tonight I'll finish washing everything so they can go out by the end of the week. I'll get some pictures of them before they get sent off. One thing I'll be sending is something I spun, dyed and knit. Won a blue ribbon at the Boone County Fair! It's a cross between a shawl and a scarf, done in a 4x4 rib so it's really stretchy. Merino top so it's really soft. And a variegated green so it's ... green.

I've been looking for the perfect house, and I think I've found it. Well, not perfect because the bathroom is indescribable, but it's a unique idiosyncratic building, that's for sure! The Warming House. Pictures coming.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mandalas and EZ Surprise Jacket

While cruising one day, I learned that the North Dakota Museum of Art is creating a mandala of knitted (and crocheted and woven) scarves! They are accepting donations of yarns, 8" by 7' long, that will be distributed to shelters in Grand Forks after the exhibit. How cool is that? TWO rounds of karma -- good art and good deed!

A seven foot scarf can get a little tedious. To help show me that I was indeed making progress, I'd add a string or marker on the edge of the scarf each morning as I began knitting.

To keep myself going, I would make it a point to knit at least a row in the morning before going to work. Since it is mindless knitting, I took it to work and knit during breaks/lunch/whenever I could steal a stitch or two. When I finally got to the last foot of the first scarf, I tied on a little gold bell to remind me that I only had one more foot to knit.

It worked! I finished the first one and almost immediately cast on for the second scarf, which I finished rather quickly. I'm now on my third.

Both scarves: Noro.
Green = Kochoran (the clumps of angora make this yarn so appealing!)
Bright multicolor= Kureyon (two different colorways; used my stash)

I also got the chance to try out Elizabeth Zimmerman's Surprise (baby) Jacket. Knit all in one piece, this knitting was all-consuming, painful, and totally worth it once it was finished. I'm seriously thinking of doing another one. One of the bloggers on the EZ KAL wrote that she wished she'd knitted hers in a variegated yarn, so that's what I did. Details follow. I still need to sew the two shoulder seams and add buttons. The recipient is Charley, who was due Feb. 2 but decided to come during our ice and sleet storm last Friday night, January 12th.

Happy Birthday, Charley!