Thursday, January 25, 2007

There's Good News and then there's More Good News!

I have delayed going to the tire shop because I feared what I would hear - "OMG LADY! Your car is death on wheels! You must buy these four very expensive tires!"

Didn't happen. My tires are fine except that they are very underinflated. As for having no traction on ice and snow? It's a MUSTANG. A SPORTS CAR. Not an SUV. If we get another ice storm, he suggested that I get a ride with a friend. (I think I'll just stay home.)

But it will have to continue serving as a pick up until I get this move over. In a few weeks it can be a sports car again. And I will wash it and clean its upholstery and get it two new sporty tires. And by then we should have spring, so ice and snow will be a memory. That's the plan.

As for knitting, I'm still working on the (endless) mandala scarf. It is so blue. Paul Newman and Robert Redford's eyes blue, deep sea blue. Stunning. But it is seven feet of garter stitch. I'm trying to keep the meditation going, but since this is the third scarf, there's more boredom than meditation I fear. It is UFO #7 on the list, though, so it will get finished!

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