Sunday, June 10, 2007

7 things -

I've been tagged by Jen over at

From her blog:
Here are the rules, as if you haven't already seen these a jillion times: Tell seven things about yourself on your blog, then tag seven other people to do the same. List who you are tagging on your blog, and leave a comment on their blogs to let them know they've been tagged.

I can do the seven things - tagging seven other innocent people may be the tricky thing!

  1. I like winter. Not crazy about ice on sidewalks or roads, but luv it on lakes and rinks.
  2. I am moving from Missouri to North Dakota. This is my 2nd move in less than four months, and no, the second move is not easier because I know what I'm doing! :-)
  3. I really like birds. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed watching them until I started routinely filling up the birdbath that came with the Missouri house - and the birds showed up - and I moved a chair to the front porch and started watching them. Yesterday I saw four birds splashing about together at the same time. Once I saw a 'new' robin, stare at a starling splashing and bathing, obviously never having seen anything like this before. The baby robin kept dodging the splashes as it held on to the rim of the bird bath. I have had so much fun with these little guys. Yesterday, a male and female cardinal flew to the fence just in front of my chair (less than 2 yards away) and sat there and watched me for several seconds. They looked right at me but didn't fly away. Like they knew I was moving to North Dakota and wouldn't be seeing cardinals for a loooooooong time. (Cardinals are listed as 'rare' birds on the ND bird watcher list.)
  4. I believe in libraries. They are the gift that keeps on giving. From one generation to the next and to the next.
  5. I like rain - the sound and smell.
  6. I like wind. I look forward to spring when the wind has leaves to blow through - totally different sound.
  7. I like music. I especially like when people make their own music rather than relying on commercial performers.
See? The easy part is done. Now finding seven people .......
  1. Alaska Stick Girl - has she got pictures! She's just moved to a new blog page, but I hope she's still got the 'moose in her yard' pictures!
  2. A Dachshund's Life in Los Angeles - Wally is a long-haired dachshund. He had his own blog but found life too busy, so now he lets his Mom do the blog. Great pictures of Wally and his friends/family.
  3. Lorri's Knitting Link - Lorri is a friend of Maggi's. While visiting Chez Maggi, she commented on the cat bed I'd knit/felted for Ayla. Well - she made the mistake of introducing herself and commenting on a post here at the Warming House. Tag! Check out her knitting - I could not believe how beautiful her work is and that she could still appreciate a klugey felted cat bed. When she is doing stunning colorwork sweaters! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My farewell tour!

knitwits_farewell 016
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Knitwits had a great party for me at last night's meeting. Here I am with my loot - the prayer shawl (knit by Nancy, blessed by all), the knitting monster (the one in orange, knit by Alice, pattern found by Joy), beautiful gift bags that will become knitting project bags, a card made by Nancy (including a group photo of our red scarf project group, enough money to get me to Vermillion, which is my first night on the road, and a SOCK icon) and the glowing white thing at the bottom left? The one thing I asked for - a signed styrofoam cooler to ride 'shotgun' with me as I travel.

I remember the night I joined Knitwits. I'd wanted to get involved, and I saw this notice for people to get together on Tuesday nights and knit baby hats. That sounded like something I could do! So I headed down to Cherry St. Artisan - and found a group of women at the reserved community table knitting, talking, slurping, and having a great time. Nancy pulled up a chair for me to join the group - and a wonderful friendship was begun. (You're making me cry again, Nancy!) The one cardinal rule of the group? NO RULES! That was at least three years ago.

We didn't just help babies, we helped each other, and made the world a better place. They'll continue on. Tuesday nights, I'll know where to find them. And now I need to find another band of trusty knitters.

Thank you, Knitwits!

Monday, June 04, 2007

footprints leading away from the scene...

(This post is for Wally, who has a new blog. His old, baby blog.)

There's a whole world that swirls around me while I sleep. I left yesterday's chicken carcass in the garbage sack on the front porch, and this is what I found this morning when I opened the front door.

Well, not exactly. I found a very neatly opened garbage bag, with the chicken removed and obviously gnawed on, a few broken bones, and chicken shreds. And lots of ants. (There's a huge colony under the front porch.) I swept the debris away and noticed the tell-tale evidence shown in this picture. I guess I don't just have a groundhog in the neighborhood. Looks like I have a raccoon, too.

Friday, June 01, 2007

First day lily of the season

Day lily
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Summer has truly started. Lightening bugs the other night. And today, June 1, the first day lily bloomed at the Warming House. It must be summer.

Keeping a journal, writing a blog, both ways of marking moments and wondering what will happen in the future. This blog was started because I wanted to move north and my efforts were continually thwarted, so I decided to create "north" around me.

A year later, missing only a hockey stick to make my home a northern cabin, I'm really moving north. I've signed the contract. I will soon be in North Dakota, the land of Many Warming Houses. Hockey. Curling. Friday night drag races.

A memorable start to the summer.