Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My farewell tour!

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Knitwits had a great party for me at last night's meeting. Here I am with my loot - the prayer shawl (knit by Nancy, blessed by all), the knitting monster (the one in orange, knit by Alice, pattern found by Joy), beautiful gift bags that will become knitting project bags, a card made by Nancy (including a group photo of our red scarf project group, enough money to get me to Vermillion, which is my first night on the road, and a SOCK icon) and the glowing white thing at the bottom left? The one thing I asked for - a signed styrofoam cooler to ride 'shotgun' with me as I travel.

I remember the night I joined Knitwits. I'd wanted to get involved, and I saw this notice for people to get together on Tuesday nights and knit baby hats. That sounded like something I could do! So I headed down to Cherry St. Artisan - and found a group of women at the reserved community table knitting, talking, slurping, and having a great time. Nancy pulled up a chair for me to join the group - and a wonderful friendship was begun. (You're making me cry again, Nancy!) The one cardinal rule of the group? NO RULES! That was at least three years ago.

We didn't just help babies, we helped each other, and made the world a better place. They'll continue on. Tuesday nights, I'll know where to find them. And now I need to find another band of trusty knitters.

Thank you, Knitwits!

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Lorri said...

Hello! I saw the beautiful felted cat bed you made for Maggie in Chicago and she suggested that I check out your blog. She spoke at length about your various talents including dying and spinning. Nice to meet you!