Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I can't believe it but I'm finally down to one address! One address with stuff that has spilled out onto the porch. But I'm working on it! Now that I'm done cleaning the old place, I can get working and really get the new place up to speed. For instance - actually sewing the curtains and hems rather than just pinning them. How nice would it be not to get snagged with straight pins every time I try to open the curtains!

And I've gotten some knitting done, too. Checkout my entry on Nascar Knitting - two reversible stocking hats. I've also finished the Irish Hiking Scarf and a baby blanket. No pictures of those two yet.

Did you get Meg Swansen's e-mail newsletter? Check out Schoolhousepress.com for details. They've now got a video of EZ's Surprise Baby Jacket! Even though I've made one SBJ, I'd like to get the video (DVD?) - Meg explains color stripes. That's worth the price of admission right there!

And, of course, where's Stephanie? She must be exhausted already - and the tour has just started! Be kind to her, Knitting Pilgrims!

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