Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Haven't posted because ...

Okay. I haven't posted because:
  1. I spend all my time reading and waiting for The Yarn Harlot to update us on her renovation progress; or
  2. I am still moving. Isn't there some statute of limitations or something? Can't we all just give up and say ENOUGH? Well, I tried and got called back in to do some more.
But here is The Warming House:

I said


Sorry. Can't get blogger to upload the picture. It was an old picture anyway. Little house, set way back from the road. Giant tufts of pampas grass dot the front yard. Big porch. Old red barn wood. Rain barrels at the corners. Steeped roof that leads to an A-frame loft. Old growth trees surround the perimeter of the yard. The grass is getting greener each day. The trees are lumpy with buds and flowers. And the birds are REALLY getting noisy!

It's a good life.

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Yup. I can feel your pain on uploading pictures. Are you coming to see Stephanie's kick-off in NYC? I will be going down and am making plans on featuring a sign on the TODAY SHOW that morning!