Tuesday, February 06, 2007

FOs and Barlett Yarn!

I've actually finished some things! Numbers six and seven from the UFO list (on the right panel of this blog) are completed!

The mandala scarf (knit from Araucania's Nature Wool), 8" wide by 7' long:

There's a slight variegation in the yarn. I got a note from the ND Art Museum that they've received the scarf - and really like the color!

Elizabeth Zimmerman's Surprise Baby Jacket (knit from Louet Gems - washable wool, 4-ply of grays, black and yellow/gold):

In the meantime, I've gotten the Bartlett Wool yarn, straight from the Mill, to knit some socks for AfghansforAfghans. There's a special push to get 250 pairs of socks to school kids by March 7. Bartlett's gave VERY fast service - I just ordered it the end of last week and it came UPS ground yesterday. I chipped ice for awhile then went in and opened my package. What a nice reward! (When you visit their Web site, be sure to learn about their mill!)

I decided that buying yarn for a special project did not break my pledge to reduce my yarn stash. Especially since the yarn is from a U.S. mill! BTW: I first used Bartlett wool when it was included in a Christmas stocking kit from Annie's Woolens in Wisconsin. I was wonderfully pleased with BOTH Annie's and Bartlett's!

Knit on!


Beth said...

Some of Bartlett's yarns remind me a lot of Peace Fleece (which I adore). You've got great colors there!

roggey said...

I like the Bartlett wool I'm using for my Rustic Blanket project. It's long enough now that it's keeping my lap warm as I knit on it. Nice, especially when that windchill hits -30F!