Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Whew! Be careful!

This morning I ran across a really cute widget: an analog clock that showed the specific time of a place. Sounds lame now, but it really looked cute this morning. I clicked the link, updated the info for my blog, and tried to install it. Nope. Had to change my blog to the new 'layout' rather than 'template' form, and the page warned that information would be lost. But NOT TO WORRY! a copy of the old template would be saved indefinitely so the information wouldn't really be lost.

Well, after many tries and multiple 'help' lists later, I never did find the copy of my old template, and the only thing that I know I lost in transition was the UFO Challenge ring stuff. Thank goodness for paper! I had a print copy of my UFO Challenge Ring connection info sitting here on my desk. With that I was able to connect to the ring, get the html code and reinstall it on my new layout.

All this angst, and where is the cute widget???? Back in the etherdust somewhere. I need to take a deep breath before I make any more changes!

I do admit, though, that moving stuff around is much easier in the new drag/drop layout. But now I need to get away from the blog for awhile and do some deep breathing. I am enough of an old-schooler that I want to be in control of the html when things go awry. Then - menus be damned!

Moral of the story? Print is forever (as long as you remember where you put it).
PS - Found another great challenge: Nascar Knitting! Icon:

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somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Hi Denyse! I have added you to the list of participants for the racing. I did not realize that I need email addresses from everyone. Sorry! :( Could you email me back so I can send you an invite? Just email NSACARknitting AT gmail DOT com. Thanks! And let's get racin'!