Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

I have sent out some virtual Valentines. Not the same as the paper ones. While moving around boxes in the back room, I found a bag full of paper cards that never got sent: Christmas, Valentine's, Halloween, Thanksgiving. My friends know that I send Christmas cards all year 'round. Maybe I need to extend that blanket arrangement to all holiday cards.

The Yarn Harlot has an interesting approach to Valentine's Day. She suggests that the day is better spent not focusing on romantic can't-live-without-you love but on the rock solid love that is built on trust and friendship and sharing daily unromantic tasks.

And there's Franklin's list of alternative ways to say "I love you" to a knitter.

I remember deciding a few years ago that on this day - especially on this day - everyone deserves to be loved. And this is the day you recognize the good acts and kindnesses that are given everyday without any thought of reward. Kind of a Thanksgiving Day in February, except the holiday icon is a heart (not a turkey or fall foliage) and the color is red (not green or orange or brown).

So - here is a little Valentine for you. My Irish Hiking Scarf (UFO #3) in Mt. Color "Ruby Red":

The actual color is closer to the close-up photo on the left. The scarf on the right shows the unexpected but appreciated darker red zigzag beginning to appear in the colorway.

Thank you to Mountain Colors for their wonderful yarn and gorgeous colors, and to Fuzzy Mabel yarn shop for helping me find this beautiful yarn!

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roggey said...

I love that color in the scarf (the close up version, that is) - it looks beautiful in that pattern, too.