Monday, February 19, 2007

Drip. Drip. Drip.

If only I could post an audio clip of the most wonderful sound on earth: drip. drip. drip.

We're melting. (In the good way not the Wizard of Oz way.) I understand that this means patches of ice will be even slipperier and mounds of mud will emerge. Not a problem. I am okay with all of this. Tougher to take will be the next ice/snow storm that occurs. It will happen. I will play Pollyanna's Glad Game and survive.

This was a busy and somewhat traumatic weekend. After work on Friday, I had to take time to knit at the yarn shoppe. Just. Had. To. Bex was there and Chrisma. They worked. I knit. And bought a little bit of yarn. Most of it was ON SALE so it doesn't count. (Sorry. Details later.)

A smattering of snow (nothing substantial) was forecast for Friday night and Saturday morning. Didn't really think too much about it until I walked out of the store at 6pm - BLIZZARD! Okay, not officially a blizzard, but it was dark and there was a lot of blowing snow, severely dropping visibility. The Mustang made it home with no surprising incidents, but I was snowbound until Saturday afternoon when it cleared and started melting because of the sun not tempterature. I managed to get some clothes moved over to The Warming House but not much. Sunday afternoon and evening I managed to get the futon frame and mattress moved while trying to watch the Daytona 500. (Could not believe that Mark Martin lost in the last couple of seconds. I don't remember hearing much about Harvik the entire race -- until the last couple of seconds! What an ending! My guy, though, is Kenny Schrader. I've been watching him and the M&M's car since I started watching NASCAR ~10 years ago. I know - Kenny isn't in the M's car anymore, but I choose my cars by their sponsors. Tide. M&M's.)

In the meantime, I did get some knitting done. I started and finished a dish rag during yesterday's monthly quilt group at Miss Millie's. And by Friday, my red IHS was more than half done. (I know this because I have two skeins of Mt. Color's yarn, and I finished the first skein last week. About 37" long. Ergo, I am half done.)

I was just looking at Beth's beautiful spinning - I always get so tickled by how closely the dog art in the top left column resembles her dogs. What soulful expressions! What cuties! I can't wait until I can have a dog, too. Until then, I'll live vicariously. Thanks, Beth!

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Beth said...

This spinning was actually sub-standard for me - but photographs nicely. :) I'll do a better job on the next bit.

And in late breaking news... plans for a 3rd canine are in the works...