Tuesday, August 07, 2007

North Dakota!

I'm back! A little more than six weeks now. I remembered August as being a livable month here, and it is. Our temps this week will be a tad warmer than normal: mid-80's for the days, mid-60's for the nights.

My knitting has been greatly curtailed because of too much to do in my academic/professional life. I think I'm going to put my handwork on hiatus. Yarn, fiber, knitting needles, patterns are all going into the closets until I get some work finished. The spinning wheel and loom will be decorative furnishings since they're too big for any closet. I'll try to finish machine sewing a couple of quilts that are almost done, but that's it.

However! Here are some things that I managed to get done in the last few months. Most of them were done back in June, but the KoolAid dyeing was last weekend. What fun!

KoolAid dyeing:
(top left) Grape, Tropical Punch, Pink Lemonade, Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade
(middle left) Lemon Lime, Watermelon Cherry, Orange, Blastin' Berry Cherry
(bottom) Mix of Lemonade (4 pkg) and Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade (1 pkg)
[2 minutes in microwave on high, rest, ~1.5 to 2 minutes microwave on high]

2-headed hats (lined stocking caps) and a muffler in various yarns (Iceland, Loft, Lion brand wool, Bonkers)

Irish Hiking Scarf in Loft.

While I was photographing, I noticed the stone work. How beautiful! Above is the stonework (south) entrance to Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota.

The north entrance to Chester Fritz Library.

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