Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fall Festivities in North Dakota

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Here's a friendly greeting from Maddock, ND. This weekend is their Rural Renaissance. Nice people. Wonderful little town. (The smiley face pumpkin is painted on the end of a giant round bale.) I drove through town, enjoying the decorated yards and street corners. And spent the majority of my time (and money) at the House of Fun. (!) Full of quilts and crafts.

The weatherman reminded us on tonight's weather that it snowed on this date last year. Today it was in the high 70s/80s. I am convinced we'll pay for this later this winter, so I am enjoying it!

The only downside? Someone took my pumpkins. I went out to harvest them last night and all 18 were gone. I got a picture a few weeks ago. oh, well. At least there are still vendors selling pie pumpkins at Town & Country, through tomorrow, I think. Also the apple guys (from Washington state) are here for the next few days. Fresh pumpkin. And great apple pies and sauce. Busy week.

oh. and dissertation and work, too. Very busy week.


bspinner said...

I'm not sure where Maddock is but love the pumpkin and sorry about the lose of yours.

DakotaRose said...

Sure wish I would not have missed the festival in Maddock, but they have Duckfest that weekend in Bowdon. I think next year I will attend Maddocks Festival if they do it again.