Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Winter morning

Winter morning
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Beautiful beautiful morning. Cold (-9F), but it's February. Unofficially the last month of winter. Unofficially because it's my definition of winter, but here's the logic: March can be all over the board. March could bring blizzards or unseasonably warm temperatures. February? It's going to be cold. Very very sunny but cold and wintery.

The Olympics start this week - and life will be perfect for a few weeks! One of the many nice things about living up North is being able to get both US and Canada's TV stations. So I'll be watching the big ceremonies on NBC (US) and the actual events on CBC (Canada). Curling! Skeleton! Luge! Speed skating! Snowboarding! Downhill - moguls - and what's that one where you ski forever then shoot at targets then ski some more?! What a sport!

And the Winter Olympics means The Knitting Olympics. I cannot believe it was only four years ago that I first heard of The Yarn Harlot. Her crazy idea of getting knitters around the world to knit together during the Olympic games - it'll never catch on! HA! Life has changed wildly since then so it's a nice moment to slow down and reflect on the great power of working together, of having a common purpose and common activity.

It's winter - the sun is blindingly beautiful and brilliant. What a day.

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