Friday, March 11, 2011


March 11 - around noon by fiberbrarian
March 11 - around noon a photo by fiberbrarian on Flickr.

Couldn't tell it by this picture taken around noon today. The morning dawned bright and sunny. A little overcast at noon. And tonight - at 8:30 - I decided I'd better take the garbage out while I could, and WHAM! The blizzard had started. (I heard it inside but thought it was the train going past. Should have figured out that the train eventually moves past.)

This further emphasizes to me that I'd never have made it as a pioneer. First - if I'd landed on the east coast, I would never have crossed the Appalachians. When I saw a soddy (house built of sod) at DeSmet, SD, and remembered the blizzard/winter scenes from Giants in the Earth, I knew I would've gone insane, too. And then today comes around. Beautiful sunny morning - great day to go out exploring. WHAP! Caught in a blizzard.

I'm so fortunate that strong people came before me.

However, the lights are flickering, so it's time to grab the blankets/sleeping bags and the wind-up flash light. Charge the cell phone. Get out the chocolate.

I'm a Pioneer in my own right.

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