Monday, February 11, 2008

Hat Attack

My binary cable hat for Hat Attack 2008 is DONE! As of last night (Sunday) at 9:15pm. I actually had stuff that needed to be done this weekend, so I could not knit full-time on this. I also spent way too much time doubting the pattern and my skills.

The designer did an excellent job - everything worked - and I learned a new way of looking at patterns. Really! I went back to my lace knitting this morning (got one more set done) - and realized that I could now relate the pattern to what was actually happening in the yarn. That insight is directly because of knitting on the binary hat. I spent so much time examining the cables and comparing them to the pattern that I must have learned something! Whoda thunk it!

This is Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted - in amethyst. Uses less than a skein. I think the color is perfect for it, the rich hue adds depth to the cables IMHO. The designer specified this yarn specifically because it produces \| stitches rather than \/ (balanced?) stitches. You can really see that in this hat - the vertical legs of the stitches in the cable create a beautiful line that emphasizes the cable's shape. Good work, Designer! I learned so much!!!

And this morning I went back to my lace knitting.

I'll get the hat into the mail today or tomorrow. I'm thinking tomorrow since it's cold and our branch post office closes in a couple of hours. (I am just getting warm from my trip in to work this morning!) My assassin has said that her weapon is in the mail, so I'll be out soon. No rush to kill off my victim. I finished what I wanted to do - and learned so much more than I expected. Good experience!

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