Thursday, January 15, 2009

Close call!

handspun Romney shawl
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My (almost) worst nightmare happened last night: My car got unplugged.

I'm sure there was no malice - someone must have tripped over the cord as they walked by. (All the cars are plugged in with cords that cross the sidewalk and plug into the building. Not great design.)

The car definitely was not sure that it wanted to start but just at the point where I had to decide to continue turning the key - and taking the chance of totally killing the battery - or stopping, the car turned over and started. WHEW! The temps won't get high today, so I'll be out starting and warming it up.

Last night I finally got pictures taken of things I will send out via Macuwita Sni. The handspun Romney shawl is the big item. Roving from The Fold and the wonderful Toni Neil. Great person - super teacher - excellent vendor.

This cold spell has been hard on more than cars. The bunny pictured earlier has been around. He's not crazy about the 'wild life' food I bought for him. I saw a peanut shell, neatly opened. The raw uneaten peanut sitting there. Even its red covering had been removed. All carefully left behind. Uneaten. And s/he doesn't like corn either. I'll get some bird seed. That seemed to get eaten. By something.

The squirrels have built tunnels in the snow. I discovered that when I put some seed out under a tree - heard a squeek and saw a flash that disappeared. Eventually tracked it to a snow burrow. Pretty smart use of the environment! There's not going to be much thawing until April.

Wow. That is a depressing thought. I notice that I'm knitting with bright colors now. Must be a reaction to all this white! Luv the Romney shawl, but I admit I wanted to throw it in a dye pot and give it some zip!

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Lovely shawl!!!