Friday, March 13, 2009

Full Moon Flooding

Okay. It's not a real picture, but this is pretty close to what the moon looked like Wednesday night after the blizzard. Maybe some 'moon dogs' (reddish/yellowish crystals encircling the moon) and a stark white landscape. But this is pretty much what it looked like then. And almost like this when I drove in this morning before the sun came up. I'm not playing Pollyanna's Glad Game - the crystal clear nights are worth the cold. (Most of the time.)

We are definitely getting signs of Spring up here. Flood forecasts are out. It's not just me; flooding is in the news more this year than last. Fargo is going to get creamed. Because the Red River (of the North) flows north, we'll get the Fargo water, but our river channel is wider here so we can take more water (so I've read). The prediction is more than 70% that we'll get a major flood, which will likely close two of the three car bridges to/from East Grand Forks. The railroad bridge will get flooded, too. But the flood wall and dikes are supposed to take us to the 50+ feet marker.

I looked around my place this morning and decided: anything that gets left behind will be thrown out if we get flooded. I can't deal with sewage and mold and the various other offal things that wander in with flood water. So now is the time to figure out what's important and what isn't. I guess preparing for floods is the ultimate spring cleaning!

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