Monday, July 04, 2011

92' with a 74' dewpoint

Fluff & Spin by fiberbrarian
Fluff & Spin, a photo by fiberbrarian on Flickr.

and we lost two minutes today. How's that for an Independence Day?! We're paying for it. Temps will be paid for by a huge storm that's already around us. And the lost minutes will be paid for by winter that's just a few months away.

The fiber stuff is from this year's Tour de Fleece. I washed some fleece yesterday and managed to get a bobbin spun today between errands and dissertating.

There are garden pictures, too, but I'll add them another day. My cucumbers are blooming! Tomatoes are stout and hearty. Sweet basil, grown from seed, is prolific. (Very tiny seeds that I didn't measure out well.) Cilantro, chives, onions, and assorted flowers and plants: all well. Except for the pansies and the poppies and the larkspur that got eaten by a mouse or slugs, the garden is going well.

Hail in the upcoming storm. We'll see how we look tomorrow.

Happy Independence Day, USA!

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