Tuesday, October 04, 2011

80', in OCTOBER.

Surely something is wrong. The summer we didn't have this year (or last) is showing up in September and October. It's EIGHTY DEGREES! and tonight's low will be 60'. Tomorrow will be even warmer. And tomorrow night going down only to 60'. This is crazy.

However, the weatherman tonight said this is the last of the warm temps we will see until next spring/summer. (I did shudder a bit at that thought.) This weekend temperatures will return to normal - 60's days, 40' nights (I think).

I had a passing thought of plugging the air conditioner back in this afternoon and turning it on. Tuesday, October 4, 2011. What a crazy thought! (I didn't do it.) I'm not looking forward to the horrible vile lasts-too-long cold of winter, but I will be glad when we lose the 80's. Bring on the flannel shirts!

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