Sunday, March 18, 2012

Five minute day!

I didn't think we GOT five minute days down here. Five minute day as in we got an extra five minutes of daylight today. Amazing.

It's not noon and it's still mid-March, yet it's 65' outside. And humid. Ick! I had the windows open until I realized this place was getting positively soggy. Just not used to humidity here!

A batch of oatmeal/raisin cookies in the oven. I've been meaning to bake them for weeks now. The secret? I'm supposed to be cleaning the play room. Baking cookies won out. Interesting how that works.

Tulips are up - some perennials are creeping up, including lots of iris. Someone yesterday said they saw trees budding out. oh-oh. Someone in Bismarck mentioned snow in the forecast. Guess I'll spend a few evenings covering up plants. That's a minor payment for the great weather we've had so far.


ps - finished Jane Eyre. Now I'm on to Kidnapped. WWDD?

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