Friday, July 20, 2012

An Atypical North Dakota Day!

We are under some kind of a witches brew of heat, humidity, and drought.  In town, it's uncomfortable and a nuisance, hauling water out to the garden, having to wear shoes because the grass is so scratchy, but people out in the country must really be hurting.  Full sun beats down out there plus the winds ... everything is more in rural areas - more fun, more open, more sky, more land, more wind, more 'not-rain'. 

BUT the good thing is that this is July.  August is a better month up here.  Typically, nights will cool back into the 50's.  And then I won't feel so foolish knitting on my wool socks or shawls or blankets! 

And then there's always February.  Not the coldest month up here but surely the most emotionally demanding.  January is the coldest but it's January and there is so much going on in January, including getting the seed catalogs.  March isn't really Spring but the sun is getting a little stronger and lasts a little longer.  February, though, is cold and dark.  Except for Valentine's Day when everyone who touches My World that day gets a kiss - a Hershey's Kiss!  (Everyone deserves a kiss on Valentine's Day.)  But the rest of the month is difficult; there's no novelty in snow or wind or snowsnakes or ice or just about anything else that's Winter. 

Today's blinding sun and heat is shifting into perspective. 

In the meantime, no Hershey Kisses today. It's hot.  And tomorrow I'm going to play with a bunch of fiber friends and learn how to drum card, flick card, comb, and blend fibers.  I'll make my 4-bean casserole today, refrigerate overnight then take it and warm it in the crockpot tomorrow.  Always better the next day.

Stay cool!

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