Friday, November 03, 2006

Inspired by Dog-Lovin'-Knitter

Inspired by Dog Lovin' Knitter, I, too, will list the things that I will get done by Christmas 2006.

On the needles now:
  • big grey sweater. First sleeve almost completed (maybe tonight), second sleeve and finishing (seams, weaving ends, blocking) to do. My working deadline is Nov. 11. For friend.
  • rose/gray vest. Need to finish the edging on second armhole, sew in zipper and add buttons. For charity.
  • 2-needle mittens in Noro. This was my easy-to-carry-around knitting for a day when I didn't have any small projects. Have to finish this mitt and do its mate. For charity.
  • dish cloth. (Pattern posted earlier.) Another mindless project that I carry with me for found time (waiting in lines, waiting for meetings, waiting). For Christmas stash.
That's not as bad as I thought.

I need to get these done because I want to spend time on my dissertation. It is so much fun! No. Really!

I do want to get more mittens and scarves done, though, both for the Reservations as well as for our local homes.

Red Scarf is due in January. Dulaan isn't due until next summer. And Afghans for Afghans probably won't have another call until summer. So the pressure is off!

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