Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Tree -
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Such a busy day already! Tour de Fleece has started, and I'm spinning Frabjous Fibers BFL "Moulin Rouge". Time trials for Tour de France, and the beautiful Monico, on in the background.

Going to be a gorgeous day - not too hot - not too windy - just right!

This is a flowering tree from in front of the Chemistry Building at the University of North Dakota. There's a pair of them, one on either side of the front entry to the building. What is the tree? I can't remember! It's some version of a lilac, which is why we noticed it in the first place. Lilac leaves, lilac flowers, even lilac odor - but not the typical lilac bush that is ubiquitous around here! Definitely a tree.

Have a great day, Everyone. And Happy Birthday, United States of America!

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Sure looks like a tree--and a pretty one at that. Hope you had a good Fourth of July!