Monday, August 31, 2009

Crock Pot Dyeing

teal green & yellow
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Way too much fun! Lanaset dyes from

Started Friday night after work - and ran a crock pot dyeing marathon between my weekend shifts at work.

Very easy and very easy to manipulate the dyes to create color variations.

I will still use the kettle for a solid/mottled single color. The crockpot for variations (roving and yarn). And I'm going to try the oven again to see how that works. I 'oven dyed' roving when I first tried this but managed to damage/felt the wool so it was almost unspinnable. Happily I was a new spinner so didn't know the difference. And I got stunningly gorgeous (and lumpy) yarn from the process. This time I have a better idea of how to treat the roving during the washing process, so I have every hope this will yield beautiful spinnable wool again.

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