Saturday, September 05, 2009

If you must have a fever....

If you must have a fever, this little rubber duckie thermometer will make the experience a little more pleasant. (Zoo Temps by Mabis Healthcare. ASTM Standard E 1112.)

He's stuck in my last undyed 100g skein of Merino fingering weight yarn - just itching to be dyed for the sock blankie swaps going on. Might have to do that today. Along with lots of roving for spinning.

Anyway. Yes, I do appear to have something. Swine or otherwise, I am decommissioned this holiday weekend. It should be over before work on Tuesday, which is good because I've got things to do. This interfered with my weekend plans, however. I'd hoped to take a fast day trip and then hang out at home, working on my writing. Instead, I'm at home, pumping fluids into my body. And the weather is so gorgeous.

Watching the Mizzou-Illinois game. So far, Mizzou is on top. I might be flying my Tiger Tail on my office door Tuesday. Just saying.

Beautiful weather. Stunning weather. Just enough breeze that you won't die from the heat of that focused sun. Gorgeous. Summer was late but it's here for a few more days.

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