Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Evening

Ahhhhh. This is the quiet time. Plenty of food and football. BIG newspaper filled with some news and LOTS of ads. Cold day. Actually, more crisp than cold. Pure bright sunshine through my south windows. Gorgeous day.

Tomorrow is back to work and the gym. And the end of any shopping that involves a mall until mid- to late-January. Way too crazy out there and certainly not meant for amateurs like me!

The year is drawing to a close. Amidst all the wildness of the material world, this is a time of reflection. A quiet time amidst the insanity. What happened this year? What will happen next year? Hmmm. Time will tell.

Congratulations to Kim for defending her dissertation so well on Wednesday. The whole thing will be done for her soon. Not much longer for me, either. Back to entering data. And maybe another forkful of rhubarb pie.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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